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11Mar 2021

Laser photofacials to help your skin undo the effects of sun damage

Do you sometimes look at your skin in the mirror and wish that the brown spots and pigmentation caused by sun damage would just disappear?

Laser photofacials can effectively treat sun damage, and boost collagen production in the skin, enabling the skin to self-repair and feel smoother. This best treatment works best on those suffer from pigmentation or skin discoloration caused by skin damage. 

Benefits of photofacials:

• The treatment evens out skin tone and helps clear the complexion
• Helps reduce pore size and enables the skin to look flawless
• Reduces acne
• Results in an increase in collagen production, which in turn reduces wrinkling

Observing the effects:

The effects of photofacials are not immediate, and will begin to show on the skin at approximately one to three weeks post-treatment. The skin will slowly begin to look brighter and clearer as the collagen production begins to increase.

The number of sittings that a person will need to have significant improvements in the skin depends on a variety of factors such as skin type, age of the patient and extent of skin damage. Consulting the dermatologist to craft a suitable treatment plan ensures that your skin receives the right treatment at the right time.