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11Mar 2021

Bridal Makeovers help bring out the glow in you, on your special day!

Every bride wants to be at her glowing best on the day of her wedding. To shine and look dazzling through the barrage of rituals, handshakes and photographs, it is important that the bride gives her skin a thorough makeover prior to the wedding.

The bridal bouquet of offerings:        

Pollution and stress are commonplace in out daily lives. This can cause the skin to look and feel dull. Skin brightening helps bring out the glow from within, to enable the bride to shine through days of festivities and celebrations. In addition to brightening, hair reduction treatment is also performed to prune down unwanted facial hair.

Shine like the star of the day:

While the bridal makeover helps in making the bride glow, it is important that the bride hydrates herself from within and without. Drinking adequate amounts of water on a daily basis, and using a moisturiser helps the skin stay supple and hydrated. Additionally, treating skin issues like acne and pigmentation in advance helps the skin feel better on the wedding day and beyond.

When should bridal makeover be done?

The more time you give your skin to rejuvenate, the merrier it will feel. Consult your dermatologist as early as possible to help plan the makeover, giving optimum time for the skin to be prepared for the special day.