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7Apr 2021

Plastic Surgery: reconstructive and cosmetic surgery

The presence of scars from wounds or accidents can undermine a person’s confidence. In the same vein, even in the absence of a scar or injury, people may also want to change their appearance to help them look and feel better.

Since plastic surgery deals with changing external appearance permanently, these surgeries are often considered life changing. An understanding of the types of plastic surgeries and their differences will help us comprehend them better.

Reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery are the two types of plastic surgery.

How are they different?

Although both these procedures are done for very different purposes, the end result of both the types of surgeries is that the person feels better, either because of the change in appearance or improved functionality of the tissues.

Reconstructive surgeries help fix issues that arise from medical conditions such as injury, disease, genetic abnormality, while cosmetic surgeries on the other hand correct a person’s appearance.  

Scar reduction and procedures that help in wound closure are classified as reconstructive surgery, while skin resurfacing, liposuction, breast enlargement, nose reshaping are some common cosmetic surgery procedures.

Ultimately, nose reshaping improves breathing, liposuction can help in maintaining healthy body weight and wound treatment helps the person stay away from infections.

Look better, feel better and be more confutable in your skin, with plastic surgery.