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4May 2021

Bridal Makeovers: Glowing on the D-day

While this can certainly make them look great in pictures, a bridal makeover makes the bride look and feel great from within, and helps retain the glow for months after the wedding.

Here's a quick rundown on the services offered as part of bridal makeovers:

  •  Skin treatment to ensure that the brides skin looks smooth and supple on the wedding day and beyond.
  •  Hair treatment that strengthens and smoothens those locks that bear flowers and are the cynosure of all eyes at the wedding.
  • Procedures that help the scalp maintain its equilibrium and feel fresh and clean.
  •  Dark circle therapy to help the bride get rid of the circles that reflect the pre-wedding stress of organising and executing the wedding.
  • Procedures to help the nail be healthy and look great.

Rock your look and feel great right from head to toe with a specially customised bridal makeover package. Feel great, cause you deserve every bit of it.