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6Jun 2021

LASERing Your Pigmentation

What is a LASER facial?

We have all heard of fruit, pearl and natural facials. But what exactly is a LASER facial?

In a LASER facial meant to reduce pigmentation, an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is applied to the pigmented areas of the skin. This light is absorbed by the skin, and the pigmented cells get damaged and destroyed by this light resulting in lesser pigmentation.

The effects of this facial are long lasting and offer other benefits apart from reducing pigmentation.

Post-facial care:

If you choose to undergo a LASER facial, you need to be remember that the outcome of the facial depends on your ability to follow proper post-procedure care. Based on the advice of the dermatologist, you will have to use sunscreens, face serums, retinoid creams and other skin-care products to ensure that the effects of the facial are long lasting.

Avoid heavy make-up for a few weeks after the procedure, and only use products that are safe on the skin.

If you experience any other skincare concern, remember to discuss it with your dermatologist before the LASER facial, to help them make a planned decision on your treatment course.