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6Jul 2021

Spots on the Skin: What you can do about them

If yes, it is likely that you have experienced melasma, a condition triggered by hormonal imbalance, that results in the appearance of unsightly spots or pigmentation on the skin. While this condition in itself isn’t particularly harmful, it can cause a loss of confidence and make one look tired.

Treat the underlying condition:

The most important step in the treatment of Melasma is to identify the triggering condition and treat it to prevent the occurrence of pigmentation in the future. To enable accurate diagnosis of the cause, one should consult a dermatologist, and consult an endocrinologist if the dermatologist deems it necessary.

Cosmetic treatment of Melasma:

Treating the spots present can help the Melasma reduce or go away completely. The treatment options that are most commonly offered are:

  • Topical Medications: Application of ointments containing lightening ingredients such as hydroquinone may be prescribed by the dermatologist. Sometimes, if the Melasma doesn’t lighten the doctor may prescribe azelaic acid or kojic acid based medications to provide relief from the pigmentation. Non-ointment solutions such as internal medicines and therapy are used only if topical medications don’t work.
  • Treatment Options: The treatment options for Melasma that are used when topical treatments such as ointments and lotions don’t work are, chemical peels, removing the top layers of skin and procedures light based procedures that stop the cells from producing excessive pigment.

It is extremely pertinent that one is patient, as it may take weeks or months to recover from melasma. Following the advice of a dermatologist strictly, through the entire process goes a long way in ensuing the skin heals properly.