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4Aug 2021

Erasing Old Tattoos: Beginning Afresh

If yes, fortunately although tattoos are thought to be permanent, you need not have them if you don’t want them. Tattoo Removal Techniques are not better, and you can walk away without your tattoos in just a few sittings. Laser based tattoo removal techniques that target the ink or colour in the tattoo are extremely effective in helping your tattoo disappear faily quickly.

Here’s what you need to know before you undergo the process:

  • The age and colour of your tattoo matters when it comes to removing the tattoo. Older tattoos fade away faster.
  • Surprising as it may sound, black and dark blue coloured tattoos are easier to remove than those in light colours. Darker colours absorb the laser faster and as a result will fade quickly too. Lighter coloured tattoos are very difficult to remember.
  • Using a sunscreen on your tattoo helps in ensuring that the skin heals quickly after removal.
  • The number of sittings you need depends on the size of the tattoo.

When you decide to get your tattoo removed, remember that this is a very important decision. More often than not, getting the tattoo removed might cause some irritation or pain and you need to be prepared for that! Consult your dermatologist and weigh-in your options before you make a decision.