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4Sep 2021

Bridal Makeover: Let Happiness Radiate

Is your d-day around the corner?

Every bride wants to look her very best during their wedding. Many of them wear a lot of makeup on their wedding day. While the makeup can hide the flaws in the skin, it doesn’t last too long.

Dermatologist planned bridal makeovers can help you feel rejuvenated and look beautiful for a real long time.

Here’s why you should consider getting a bridal makeover:

     1.It isn’t just about your skin. The bridal makeover focuses on your hair, skin and nails and makes your inner beauty radiate (literally from head to toe).

     2. It helps get rid of, or at least reduces the appearance of the dark circles that are induced by pre-wedding stress.

     3. Help you look great, during the wedding and beyond.

     4. Comprehensively helps care for your skin.

A wedding is a once in a life-time occasion. Make it extra special by investing in a bridal makeover.

 Looking and feeling great at your wedding, isn't just about the pictures or makeup. You want to not just look, but also feel beautiful!