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4Sep 2021

Skin Care Begins With Self Care

Do you wish to have smooth, supple skin?

While consulting a dermatologist can help, the onus lies on you to maintain and improve the quality of your skin. No matter what, we should follow some basic steps on a daily basis to ensure the health of our skin. Here are those steps.
    1. Cleanse and Tone: On a daily basis our skin is exposed to immense amounts of dust, dirt and pollution. This might cause some of the particles to get entrapped in our skin, resulting in acne and other problems if left untreated. Daily cleansing and toning ensures that your skin is cleansed and is ready for the new day.

   2. Hydrate and Moisturise: Hydrate yourself from within by drinking water and moisturise your skin from outside by using a good quality moisturiser. Ensuring that your skin is hydrated and moisturised helps maintain the pH of your skin and helps the skin recover.

   3. Use a Sunscreen: Never ever go out in the sun without a good sunscreen. Ask your dermatologist for suitable suggestions.

   4. Eat Well: We become what we eat. Eat a balanced diet comprising proteins, carbohydrates and fats in appropriate amounts. Ensure that you get sufficient vitamins and minerals in your daily food. This will help your skin maintain itself.

 Remember, quality skincare begins at home with you. While your dermatologist can help prescribe the right products, you need to invest some time on a daily basis to help your skin be prepared for the day it has to face.