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6Oct 2021

Scar Reduction Treatment: Your Options

Scars can cause a lot of problems. While sometimes the effect of the scar can be only cosmetic, in many cases there is considerable irritation and the scar may even limit the motion of the person based on where it is present on the body.

Several different types of scar-reduction treatment options are available. Consult your dermatologist and evaluate your options to decide the best and most suitable one for you.

Treatment Options:

Surgical Scar Removal Procedure: Surgically removing a scar is the most invasive and least preferred type of treatment. It is only very rarely used in cases where other treatments are not viable. Your doctor may evaluate the scar and take steps to make it less obtrusive in some cases. For instance, in extreme cases where there is extensive scarring, the skin may be implanted from another region in the body.

Laser Scar Removal: For scars from minor injuries and surgical scars, in particular, laser scar removal is an effective, non-invasive option for scar treatment. Patients need to remember that this treatment is ineffective on tanned and sunburnt skin and will have to explore other options in such scenarios.

Chemical Peels: These are good for surface-level minor scars that are generally aesthetic in nature. A dermatologist will place a chemical solution over the scar and will peel a layer of skin to reveal the smooth skin below the scar. TO be effective, this treatment may require multiple settings.

Dermabrasion: The doctor can smooth away the surface of a scar using this procedure. This is effective in smoothening raised scars.

Ointments or Injections: These may be used in the case of very minor scarring. Based on the depth and magnitude of scarring, the doctor may choose to prescribe a combination of different treatments.

If you want to reduce your scars, consult your dermatologist. Based on the cause of the scar and several other factors, they will prescribe the right treatment and help you obtain scar-free skin.