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2Nov 2021

Debunking Tattoo Removal Myths

Myths vs. Facts

Many of us get a tattoo in memory of a person or things we love. Unfortunately, what’s meaningful at one point in your life may not be relevant down the road. At such a point, we may want to have the tattoo removed.

Fortunately, tattoo removal is real and can be done. Here we aim to demystify some of the myths associated with it.

Myth 1: Tattoo Removal Creams Are Available

Fact: No cream or ointment can remove your tattoo. The tattoo is not surface level and is embedded into the deeper levels of your skin. In some rare cases, in light-colored tattoos, the removal creams may help fade the ink to some extent. Some creams may even be detrimental. Hence the best bet is to consult a dermatologist and have your tattoo removed using a laser.


Myth 2: Laser Tattoo Removal Leaves a Permanent Scar

Fact: Laser tattoo removal might cause some milt initial discomfort. However, there will be no scarring whatsoever, provided the right aftercare is followed. Your dermatologist will provide you with the correct advice and will have a follow-up appointment to ensure your tattoo is fully removed without scarring.


Myth 3: Black / Dark Tattoos Cannot Be Removed

Fact: They most certainly can be removed. Black is the most common tattoo color too! In fact, Black and darker colors are more easily removed by the laser than lighter colors.

If you are looking to have your tattoo removed, reach out to a certified healthcare provider. Do not attempt self-removal and damage your skin. With the right treatment, you can get rid of your tattoo in no time.