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2Nov 2021

Hydrating Facials for Better Skin

Is the sudden change in weather wreaking havoc on your skin?

Give your skin the softness and moisture it needs with a facial!

We aren’t just talking about any facial! A Hydrating facial can do a whole lot of good to your skin. Here is a roundup on the benefits of hydrating facials.

Benefits of Hydrating Facials:

  1. It is non-invasive and is a gentle and safe way to soothe your skin and give your face a deep clean-up.
  2. The process stimulates your skin using massage and exfoliation to provide an instantly brighter look and glow to your face.
  3. The facial boosts blood circulation and allows nutrients and oxygen to be better carried throughout your face, which evens out the skin tone and texture. This makes your skin feel better.
  4. When it evens out the texture, it also improves the form of the skin. Thereby, a hydrating facial leaves your skin smooth and soft to the touch.
  5. It helps your skin balance just the right amount of oil to make sure that your face is not too dry, but also not so oily that it will lead to acne breakouts.
  6. It locks in moisture within your skin, which will stop itchiness and irritation of the skin.

A hydrating facial leaves your skin well hydrated, which will help the skin to better absorb any other skincare products you use and maximize their benefits.

Reach out to your dermatologist and give your skin the moisturizing it needs with a hydrating facial.