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4Dec 2021

What makes hydrafacial the best skin care treatment?

Cleansing, exfoliation, face packs etc are all an integral part of many women’s skin care routine. Hydrafacial is a unique and comprehensive skin care plan that brings in four facial care components into a single treatment. The four steps in hydrafacial include

  1. Cleansing & Exfoliation
  2. Chemical peel
  3. Extraction
  4. Hydrating serum

The four steps are designed to suit all skin types and are a gentle alternative to harsh chemicals. So let us look at some reasons for you to be convinced that hydrafacial is the best skin care option for you:


  1. Non-invasive and no recovery time - the treatment is delivered through a specialised and patented technology.
  2. Requires only 30 minutes! - Unlike conventional facials which can take a few hours, You can squeeze in your appointment for hydrafacial on any busy day.
  3. Treatment is gentle and you will notice consistent results - the equipment and chemicals used are skin are medically tested and they do not cause any side effects. Further, the treatment is controlled by an equipment and hence results are reproducible
  4. Can treat a wide range of skin conditions such as acne, hyper-pigmentation, flakes, dryness and sun damage etc.
  5. Greater glow than regular facial treatments - this method saturates your skin with antioxidants and peptides that provide an unmatched glow to your skin.

Whether it is for a regular skin care routine or to treat complex skin conditions, hydrafacial can be your go-to skin care solution. Safe, reproducible, consistent and non-invasive, the advantages hydrafacial offers are too many. If you walk into Revathi hospital for a hydrafacial appointment you are sure to walk out with an enviable glow!