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2Mar 2022

Chemical Peels for Skincare

Everyone desires smooth, soft skin, but the market is flooded with so many cosmetics that many become perplexed. People without professional assistance try many products in an attempt to improve skin texture and decrease acne and spots, which may end up harming the skin rather than rejuvenating it.


Chemical peels performed by a professional dermatologist might provide the optimum treatment with noticeable changes. Chemical peels heal discolored skin, suntan, wrinkles, fine lines, and eventually black spots and acne. This treatment is commonly utilized on the face, but it can also be used on other parts of the body.


Along with chemical peels, the process may include other cosmetic procedures. Light to deep chemical peels might be used depending on the severity of the skin damage. Deeper chemical peels produce dramatic effects, but they also take a little longer to recover from.


Prerequisite of chemical peels –

Before beginning the chemical peels therapy, the patient should double-check the following points –


Medical history – Before beginning treatment, a full examination of current and prior medical history is performed, as well as recent medication intake.


Physical Examination – A physical examination of the affected area and skin type is undertaken, including skin texture, thickness, and tone. This evaluation recommends the sort of chemical peel to use for the greatest results.


Discussion of requirements – Discuss your problems, risks, and expectations with the doctor to achieve the desired result. Understand the treatment technique and the precautions to be taken before and after the procedure.


Improvement in skin texture, tone, and wrinkles is visible depending on the type of chemical peel used. A significant improvement is observed in the case of a deep chemical peel. Sun protection is essential regardless of the type of chemical peel used.