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2Mar 2022

Hair Loss Causes and Treatment

Around 80% men and half of the women face significant hair loss with time. Mostly importantly the hair loss begins around the middle age for many. This is an area of concern for many and there are several reasons for hair loss, some of which are stress, side effects of medications, improper food intake, Lack of sleep, fatigue, hereditary and genetic hair loss, hormonal imbalance, menopause, etc.

Generally the scalp looses hair and a new hair re grows in its place. But hair loss occurs when the new hair does not regrow. It becomes very essential to attend the problem and start the treatment to prevent further hair loss. There are several anti hair fall treatments available that address the problem first and then improve the hair quality.

Treatment for Hair loss –

Firstly, the treatment begins with a complete hair loss examination to understand the cause of hair fall. The later is then addressed with appropriate medication to overcome the problem.  There are several clinically proven medication and treatments that assures new growth of the hair and reduces hair loss in both men and women.

In case of no improvement through medication, hair transplantation is an option that is preferred to get the desired results. There are certain areas that do not lose hair, this region act as a donor to transplant it to the affected region. However, the transplanted hair follicles fall out in 2 -3 weeks time only to grow the healthy graft again.