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4May 2022

Scar removal in Abdomen

Many people have scars on their abdomens for various reasons, such as surgery, pregnancy, or weight reduction, but these events leave a scar for a long time, sometimes forever. All of these scars can now be repaired by greatly lowering the scar's visibility.

All types of surgery involve incisions or cuts that require special attention and excellent advice to make them disappear or appear undetectable.

Scar recovery process –

For surgeries, the skin is broken by incisions or cuts. Collagen fibres were subsequently created by the body to fill in the gaps and seal the skin. This procedure might take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Collagen formation continues to reinforce the wound site and protect it from infection even after the time limit has passed. The affected area's blood supply is boosted. These two factors cause the scar to darken, thicken, and become entirely visible. This procedure is repeated for an additional 3 to 6 months.

Once the wound has healed fully, the blood supply and collagen synthesis to the wound site is reduced. The scar will only become thinner and lighter after this. The scar flattens out and becomes less apparent. This level, however, is only reached after 1 or 2 years of surgery.

Steps to follow for scar removal –

Doctors prescribe a variety of treatment options to help patients recover from scars as quickly as possible. They provide you incision care advice, such as how to keep your incision clean and how to care for your wound so that you don't get any infections or have your scar colour change drastically. It will help you heal faster and with a lighter scar if you follow the instructions carefully. If you notice any signs of infection, contact your surgeon right away. Apply the gels or creams as directed for the duration of the prescription. Maintain a healthy level of moisture in the skin and avoid tanning the scar. Otherwise, it will accentuate the scar's appearance. Avoid wearing tight clothing or using chemicals driven creams that can irritate the scar. Any rapid change in the scar should be reported to the surgeon for treatment.