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1Jul 2022

Bid Good bye to old tattoos

We often do things we later regret while we are excited or in love. Tattoos are one of those things that we commit to for the rest of our lives, but the feeling for the tattoo never goes away. Some people may desire to get rid of an old tattoo that has no value in their lives right now. So, here is a therapy available at Revathi Hospital that will help you say goodbye to your old tattoos.

Tattoo’ing Process –

The tattoo is inked beneath the topmost layer of the skin during the inking process, making it permanent. Until recently, the only option to remove a tattoo was through surgery or a severe dermabrasion therapy. However, we now have extremely powerful picosure laser technology to assist remove permanent tattoos completely from the skin.

During PicoSure tattoo removal treatments, unique PressureWave technology targets ink particles with strong millisecond wavelengths of light. These precisely targeted bursts of energy induce a change in pressure that breaks ink apart into minute particles that may be absorbed by your lymphatic system and expelled from your body - permanently.

Tattoos that are older usually fade more easily and with fewer treatments, while tattoos that are further down your legs or arms are typically more difficult to remove. Amateur tattoos also fade faster than professional tattoos.

The number of sessions required for tattoo removal varies depending on the size, placement, and colours used to create the tattoo. So, consult a doctor today to know get a deeper and clear idea on the tattoo removal for you.