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7Dec 2022

Know the benefits about Dual Yellow laser

Ever wondered how celebrities get that everlasting glow with a flawless skin? You’ve tried all the skin care treatments and home-made packs, but you just can’t seem to get it right. But there’s another secret to their beauty.

You can have that ravishing skin with an unbeatable shine with science. This is achieved through implementing Dual Yellow Laser technology targeted at your dark spots and blemishes.

What is Dual Yellow Laser?

The process involves a laser light therapy to clean your skin and give it a shiny glow. Using a Copper Bromide laser, yellow light is emitted from the machine at  511 nm and 578 nm. The therapy targets problem areas based on the absorption wavelengths.

It destroys the bacteria and acne accumulated in your glands with healthy levels of penetration. The yellow light also stimulates collagen production and prevents patchy skin.

Benefits of dual yellow laser

The treatment is proven to be highly effective and fast, suitable for all skin types. It provides a complete skin rejuvenation without leaving any residue or wounds. Yellow lights from the laser reaches your deep dermis layer, created a deep-rooted action.

It involves a simple yet impactful solution for melasama, redness, and other skin issues. The procedure is comfortable on the skin and has the capability to regulate pigmentation and melatonin levels.

Dual Yellow Laser treatment is one of the safest treatments for all skin related problems under the sun. It prevents acne, dull-spots and skin redness, promoting a healthy, youthful glow.

Maintaining your physical appearance has never been easier. Dual Yellow Laser treatment is a revolutionary technology in the skincare space and is proven to be produce visible results.